The Association of Open Workshops is a living network with numerous goals and visions. Over a period of two years, we have summarised these values and our work with active workshops and formulated a self-conception.



We are places of collaborative, autonomous learning and working, where we repair and reinvent worlds together. No matter what background or age - everyone is invited to participate and meet up. We experiment, take things apart, develop, create, code, tinker, screw as well as screw up - together and selfmade. In doing so, we critically examine processes, materials and technologies. Our workshops are free spaces and places of dialogue, participation and commoning: mutual support, involvement, a willingness to help, appreciation and respect are expressions of our culture of openness, which we embody in all its diversity.


Participation and sharing, open source as well as access to and the sharing of tools, machines, technologies, materials and spaces are part of our fundamental concept and principles. This includes analogue methods as well as complex technical and digital processes. Cultural techniques are kept alive in our workshops, developed further, and constantly reflected upon and adapted. We share the knowledge gained not only on site, but also throughout the network of workshops, on open knowledge platforms and fundamentally as open source hard- and software: open source for unrestricted studying, modification, production and redistribution.


In our workshops we practice local and common-welfare-oriented production. We develop unique pieces as "permanent beta", deploy them regionally and produce in networks. We see ourselves as transformative places of medium technologies, aiming at a good life for all, where visions of the future can be experienced. We test novel technologies, alternative lifestyles as well as forms of work and make them tangible. Now and in the future, we see ourselves as learn- and thinkshops, as stakeholders in regional development, a network of innovation culture, in which environment and culture are equally included and globally thought.


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