"Together we are strong": as an alliance we want to strengthen and support the local Open Workshops and together advance the ideas of self-work and commons socially.


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What does the association offer?

e.g. this platform and with it:

Networking and Exchange of Knowledge

There is an annual meeting, webinars, advice on legal and organizational issues, it promotes exchange across workshop boundaries and represents the concept of open spaces to the public. In addition, association members can receive travel grants for reciprocal visits and other training.

Insurance for open workshops

Membership is required in order to take advantage of the extensive and inexpensive liability insurance as well as other forms of insurance at special rates. Also to get individual tax and legal advice free of charge for your project (more info for members here)... or to participate in the networking format "travel&write" (more info for members here).

Become a member

Dear possible new member, at the moment we are updating the structure of our membership administration. Therefore, membership confirmations are currently delayed by a few days. We ask for your understanding and appreciate your interest in the Verbund Offener Werkstätten e.V..

  • To apply for membership, please send us the completed application form signed and in original, to our postal address: Verbund Offener Werkstätten e.V., Postfach 12 01 12, 40601 Düsseldorf
  • To get a membership number your workshop MUST be listed here on the platform. Here you`ll receive help. Please register here.

What about Repair-Initiatives?

Repair initiatives also need a membership number. Please register on the platform for repair initiatives: and create a profile page there and send us the link to it. We will take care of everything else.

Question: So don't register here and create a profile page for the repair café?
Answer: Exactly! Only open workshops are listed here. On the platform for repair initiatives Repraturcafés are listed.

Question: But we are both?
Answer: Which predominates? If you are an open workshop that also offers repair events, you are right on this platform. If you are a repair initiative, which also offers open workshop days, then rather on the platform for repair initiatives.

Question: Excuse me?
Answer: An open workshop is a place with tools, machines, space and material for a variety of self-work projects. There is not only repair work, there are opening hours and a permanent place with infrastructure.

Question: I would like to talk to someone...
Answer: Call...