Trash of the Month: RECYCLINGPAPER

27. März 2012 | von Tau | Berlin


Trial and Error Kulturlabor

The Trash of the month in March was one that we like very much and therefore we decided to do it again: Paper. But this time we focussed on the production process and how to do-it-yourself.

The Chemist Jorge Vilar gave a presentation about chemical issues and the impact on the environment that the modern paperproduction has. After we got to know what paper actually is been made up of, we had the chance to just do recyclingpaper ourselves and see the handmade process. Thanks to Juli, we were having the chance to experiment with paper in different shapes, colors, techniques and materials.

Kulturlabor Trial & Error

Luckily everybody contributed and brought some nice food to share, this way all our needs were fullfilled. Thank you!  The only thing left to do is to pick up your lovely papers, which u can find in ODC or write us an email or come to the next Trash of the month event! In any case we are looking forward to hear soon from you!

Photos by: Tau*mh & Carla Schultef


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