03. November 2012 | von ODC


a journey into MAKERSPACE…

The whole ground floor of betahaus| Berlin will be turning into a big MAKERSPACE inspired by Open Design City & designers of Build or Buy project and.. created by you!

The Universe of DIY and making will launch at 7pm with the row of mind-blowing workshops and presentations of Berlin-based makers & designers. YOU will get hands on making it all: interior decorations, interactive video, costumes, installations, even a stage for the DJ’s!

Feel free to bring over whatever cool/potentially cool with you for the process of creation. A hint – almost anything could be cool: tea bags can become a lamp, bottle tops can build up a mask, not even mentioning all kinds of fabric..

At 11pm the party engines will start moving. TAPE OVER project ( will ring the curtain up with live taping performance & video-mapping experiment of Jacques-André Duppont (, an unbelievable French video artist. Unpredictable tape lines will run all over the walls, chased by the lights of Jacques` beamer and beats of the DJ sets. And it all in the surrounding of the beautiful MAKERSPACE, with various DIY planets created within the workshops. Keep in mind – SPACE is a spontaneous structure.. surprises will follow ;)

See you there,

Have a safe flight!

*FOLLOW our FB EVENT. We will provide more information about workshops and projects within the last week before the launch of our spaceship!*

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