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Campus Party EU (antwort bis 17.05.2012)


Hier ein Aufruf von Jay Cousins (thatcousinsboy@gmail.com) (Open Design City / Berlin)

Bitte antwortet <b>bis spätestens Donnerstag 17.05. !!!</b>


Google-Formular zum ausfüllen

Mobile MakerLab

Dear wonderful lovely collaborators. In August we have the opportunity to Build a Mobile MakerLab for 4 days from 21-25th August in Templehof as a part of: "Campus Party is the largest global technology festival where innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment come together 24 hours a day for an entire week. We strive to create the largest geek community on earth, and encourage them to use their talent and expertise to create #somethingbetter. " See link for details – The Campus Party event would like to host a MakerLab for the duration of the event, during which we can make something that engages the participants in the creation of something meaningful for Berlin, and allows for learning sharing and opportunities to copy and create. The proposal so far (an open frame for you to build upon), would be to create a Mobile Makerlab infrastructure for Berlin. Participants and Co-creators can build workshop kits (which they can share at the lab - showing others how to do a workshop by engaging in the workshop). Build infrastructures - Cargo Bikes, Attachments for Bikes, Energy Generators, Energy Collectors, Mobile Internet Access, Cooking Platform, Machines, Mobile Toolboxes - for your imagination and delight etc. The infrastructures would be donated to Berlin projects post lab. I'm emailing you because I would like to collaborate with you as a part of this project,

Short Version: We have 350 sq. metres to explore design for Human Rights at the centre of an international design festival (DMY - June 6-10 - http://dmy-berlin.com/) through an autonomous festival of making - what would you like to do? Long Version Hi wonderful friends and collaborators. We have yet another awesome opportunity to bring together brilliant people within a meaningful frame, to spend 4 days at the heart of an international design event making, designing and exploring what Human Rights means to us, and how we can spread the message of Human Rights to the world through design, action and mediation. To kick start this process of collaboration we will have an event on Friday 18th May at 19.00 in Open Design City where we will share past experiences and learning from the Makerlabs - http://www.makerlab.info (we invite contributions from past participants - get in touch if you want to say something). If the weather's nice we'll put the BBQ on - so bring something to go on it. If the weather's not so nice, bring something to share if you feel like it. We will then give you the chance to meet each other, and imagine what you might want to do, and what your motivations would be for participation - and how we might maximise everybody's benefit from the action. For those of you who can't make the planning action, please feel free to fill in the form below about how you would like to participate and why.

Name * who are ya?

What will you need to do it? * tools, tables, promotion, people, logistics support

What would you like to do at the event? *

What will you be bringing with you? * tools you will bring with you

What days would you like to participate? *
•    [ ] Day 1 - 6th June (evening only)
•    [ ] Day 2 - 7th June
•    [ ] Day 3 - 8th June
•    [ ] Day 4 - 9th June
•    [ ] Day 5 - 10th June
•    [X] Every Day

For how long would you like to make your action? * eg. 1/2 hour 5 times a day. 3 hours once a day

Contact Details * phone number, email, prefered contact method

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