WELCOME GUIDE | Growing your community space by making it easy to get involved

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Dieses kurze und liebevoll gestaltete Handbuch, behandelt die Begrüßung (welcoming) und Eingliederung (onboarding) neuer Person in bestehende Freiräume, Gruppen und Initiativen (community spaces).


Community spaces include gardens, libraries, or pop-up events – anywhere you can find people collaborating to raise chickens, host workshops, paint murals, and bring a shared vision to life.

Community spaces become beautiful, because people show up trying to help.

where things most often breaks down. When a volunteer asks, “How can I help?” the organizer might say “Well, what are you interested in?” and start a back-and-forth — or cut conversation short by pointing them to a list of tasks. A vague or cold response makes it difficult for even the most enthusiastic volunteer to join. Without help, organizers end up doing everything themselves, which means even less time to get others involved. This is why many organizers continue struggling to keep spaces open, or simply burn out.

By welcoming people in a way that makes it easy to see what’s going on, organizers can help their community space overcome struggles and thrive.

This guide shows you how.