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A remote door api and web application for Raspberry Pi (based on python) by Marcus Drobisch. ####Provide access to * Door * Webinterface with user-mangement ####Features * affordable access-control system * authentication by rfid-tags or webserver-application (smarthone, tablet) * easily extendable for additional doors. through network based system * 3 different user-roles (user, supervisor, admin) for managing accesses and viewing logs * different types of accesses (period, days-budget) * additional options to adjust accesses (by given time, weekdays, differenet door-licences) * basic statistics (total users, total accesses, accesses per weekday, accesses per door/node) ####operating principle * ####Technical Specifications Software * software based on phython ####Technical Specifications Hardware * the control unit (Rapsberry Pi, Orange Pi, Beagleboard or Odroid): running the Python based app and server. * a RFID-reader (e.g. RC552): reading and writing the tags * a relay-module: controling the door-openers * a dc-dc-converter: supplying the control unit with a input of e.g. 12V / 24V and a output of 5V * a micro-usb cable of 30cm length: connect dc-dc-converter to the control unit * some internal cable: e.g. from dc-dc converter to the relay module or to the raspberry pi more on: https://github.com/mdrobisch/roseguarden

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